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microphone wireless factory

We specialize in the production of microphone systems, wired microphones audio mixers and offer a full range of audio products to meet any kind of need in all over the world.

Microphone wireless factory

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Wireless systems

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Wired microphones

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Audio interfaces

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Microphone BLOG

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wireless microphone for a conference room

5 few factors to consider When selecting a wireless microphone for a conference room5 few factors to consider

When selecting a wireless microphone for a conference room, there are a few factors to consider, suc…

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Music is an attitude, an auditory image, also a collection of three art forms:sound, hearing, and emotion, which penetrates your inner artistic expression from the outside to the inside.

Voxfull audio has always been based on the vision of long-term cooperation with partners, we provide competitive contract prices, compliant product quality, production visualization, on-time delivery, and worry-free after-sales service.

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Our Team

The whole is much more than the sum of it’s part. Meet our team!

RUIPING cheung

RUIPING cheung

Software & hardware engineer

Senior Electronic Engineer. Over 27 Years research & development and manufacturing experience in professional acoustic fields.

richard leung

richard leung

general MANAGER

Bachelor degree in International Economics and Trade. With 13 years of international trade experience, serving more than 5000 global customers.

anna fung

anna fung

sales director

Bachelor degree in Marketing. After Anna graduation, has been engaged in sales and customer service for many years.




Senior Technician.James had served in GGEC China for many years. He Has rich experience in testing and maintenance of electronic products.